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Education starts with sharpening the senses and exposing the child to the world around them through specific learning aids.
Pre - Schools are probably the most important institutions in the child's life where if the child is provided with the right environment, it will go a long way in shaping the child's attitude and abilities in the future and That's why we are here JACK AND JILL KIDZ is the finest day care center in Coimbatore.


Jack and jill believes that every child is special and unique. The child needs to be exposed to a structured environment where he is exposed to practical life skills, sensorial, motor skills, language skills, mathematics, geography, science, cultural, themes and more.

Our curriculum is an inclusion of all the above:

Theme of our curriculum is environmental based study that goes with:
• Do Different Today and Everyday
• Interactive Teaching Techniques
• Cultural and Value Based Education
• Vibrant and Fun Classrooms
• Qualified, Dedicated and Experienced Staff
• Fantastic Outdoor Areas
• Child Friendly Environment
• Kindle Curiosity
• Learning Life Skills

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